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    "Wonderful debut" application of seaweed fiber new materials to boost the integration of military and civilian development - Qin

    Corporate News
    2017/12/29 10:51

    On the afternoon of December 21, the conference of "Qingdao Polyatlantic Seaweed Fiber New Material Science and Technology Achievements and 2018 Spring / Summer Children's Wear Brand Conference" was held in the West Coast New Area. Liu Gui, deputy chief of staff of Innovation and Demilitarized Zone, Guzhen Town, Qingdao Branch, Sui Baowei, deputy chief of staff of Guzhenkoukou Comprehensive Protection Base, Wang Bo, director of District Maritime Bureau, Li Hanzhou, director of District Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Wang Quan, Qingdao University, professor of Harbin Engineering University Zhang Aiguo, Rongcheng Dexing breeding company chairman Ju Yanhui, Rongcheng Dexing breeding company general manager Wang Zhilin, the provinces and cities nationwide agents, as well as the District Development and Reform Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Finance Bureau, Binhai Street Office of the relevant leaders, as well as some News media reporter friends attended the conference. This conference also specially invited FM95.7 west coast traffic radio host Gao Yuan chaired.

    Conference, all the leaders and guests first watched the poly-Ocean Group's corporate video to jointly understand the style of poly-Ocean Group.

    Conference, Poly Pacific Group Chairman Wu Shipeng first on behalf of the group company to all the leaders, experts and guests to visit a warm welcome! Sincere thanks and extend my highest respect!
        Wu Shipeng, chairman of the board, said in his speech that since December, we gathered in a joyous event for the Dayang Group. On December 1, we signed a strategic investment agreement with China Everbright Holdings Group, an oversize central government-owned investment institution directly under the State Council. On December 8, We signed the second phase cooperation agreement with academician Guan Huashi of world famous marine biomedical scientist Shandong Academy of Sciences and signed the cooperation agreement with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China and Wuhan Textile University. This week, the company has also been selected as the key enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province. This event is a gathering of scientific and technological achievements and apparel brands on the theme of "using algae fiber new materials and pushing forward the great development of military and civilian integration" by our Junta Group, which indicates that Junta Group is realizing capital promotion, production, teaching and research Linkage, speed up the transformation of achievements, industrialization as soon as possible to achieve the development.
        Chairman Wu Shipeng also introduced the seaweed fiber new material project. He said that the seaweed fiber new material project is one of the achievements of our company in forming the six major marine biomedical, health and new materials industries. It is the introduction of Wuhan Textile University Zhu Ping Professor of scientific and technological achievements. Professor Zhu Ping has been hired as the top talent in the west coast of Qingdao. Zhu Ping team began to study the morphological structure, supramolecular structure, mechanical properties, hygroscopicity, dyeing, flame retardancy, antibacterial and spinnability of seaweed fiber from 2004 , Through the production of sodium polyuurum sodium alginate as raw material to produce pollution-free high-quality seaweed fiber, the development of infant products for children, women, the elderly underwear, medical dressings, cosmetics, etc., the main function is antibacterial, in addition to odor , Prevention of skin infections and other effects; the same time, also developed bedding and home decoration, high-speed rail, aviation, automotive and other interior decoration materials, the main function is the seaweed fiber flame retardant and adsorption; PolyOne Group plans to form seaweed fiber industry It is planned to build a seaweed fiber production line of 1,000 tons / year by the end of 2021 to form a series of seaweed fiber application products, focusing on civilian large-scale health and military applications, especially in military training suits, firefighting suits, underwear, underwear, footwear, etc. As for the application of seaweed fiber, we sincerely offer our dedication to the great development of military and civilian integration. This children's clothing brand conference show children's wear products, is our group Chi Yuwen professional team developed this year, the industrialization of seaweed fiber stage results, children are the flowers of the motherland, the future of the nation, first from young children, let the first let Doll enjoy, help healthy growth.
    Speech of Liu Wei, secretary of the party committee of the Workers' and Pilots Demonstration Zone of Military and Democracy in Guzhen Town, Qingdao City, first of all affirmed the achievements and contributions made by PolyU. Secretary Liu Wei said that Qingdao Junta Group is a key enterprise in the development of marine economy in the West Coast New Area and a key enterprise in the integration area of ​​military and civilian areas in Guzhen Town, Qingdao. Since the country put forward the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the "national integration strategy of military and civilian integration," Qingdao Poly ocean Group to serve the country as its own responsibility to the industry in the industrial restructuring and upgrading of international operations, the global market pioneers continue to take new steps for the new district economic development has made outstanding contributions. In recent years, Qingdao Juye Group has stepped up its cooperation with universities and research institutes and pioneered the military-civilian dual-use fields such as seaweed fiber new materials and marine biomedicine, which have solved a series of key technical problems in the industrialized production of seaweed fiber and successfully implemented Commercial application of scientific and technological achievements. We believe that by virtue of its excellent properties such as flame retardancy, antibacterial, hygroscopicity, breathability and radiation prevention, Qingdao DaYang Group will certainly be able to open up a vast market for both military and civilian use and break new ground for enterprise development.
        Secretary Liu also talked about the achievements made by the integration demonstration area for military and civilian integration in the ancient town port of Qingdao and made suggestions to the institutions, research institutes and enterprises participating in the conference. He said that the integration and integration demonstration zone of military and civilian integration at the ancient town port of Qingdao is one of the top ten functional areas in the west coast new zone of Qingdao and shoulders the heavy responsibility of integrating military and civilian innovations granted by the state. In recent years, we have thoroughly implemented the national strategy of integrating military and civilian development, aiming at enhancing the comprehensive safeguards of the carrier and the port of destination, and taking the initiative of creating a national demonstration zone of military and civilian integration as the driving force, we conducted pilot projects in the first instance and demonstrated innovations and actively explored " Industrial communion, science and technology together Hing, facilities to build, logistics co-insurance, "the new situation, and actively introduce and nurture military-related projects involving the sea, the formation of the ship marine engineering, aerospace, electronic information, new materials, four major industries Base, gathered eight Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Engineering University and other military-related, involving colleges and universities in the sea, formed a Guzhen mouth fusion area as the core, led the coordinated development of multiple areas in Qingdao civil-military integration depth development pattern. The integration of civilians and civilians is becoming a new engine for promoting economic and social development in the New Zone. We warmly welcome the participating institutions, research institutes and enterprises to attend the conference, pay more attention to the integration of military and civilian work, and jointly write a new chapter in the development of military integration.
    Dr. Wang Quan of Qingdao University introduced the research results of functional polysaccharides series of natural polysaccharides at the conference. Dr. Wang Quan introduced the significance of the research, the development and performance of the alginate fiber series and the achievements made. Through the introduction of Dr. Wang, we understand the environmental protection of seaweed fiber, high value-added performance, seaweed fiber with moisture absorption, flame retardant, dyeing and antibacterial function, anti-electromagnetic radiation, adsorption of heavy metal ions, hemostasis, moisturizing beauty And other functions, with these functions of seaweed fiber, can be widely used in functional textiles (medical, health, health care textiles) functional clothing, special clothing and other areas (seaweed fiber textile products and public places, transport). At present, the scientific research team specializing in the preparation of textile seaweed fiber expert identification has been in the international advanced level.
    Qingdao poly-Ocean Group's new materials project leader Chi Yuwen brand preaching. Chi Yuwen at the conference site by way of experimental demonstration, let the field leaders and guests intuitive feel the function of seaweed fibers, while the promotion of new products. He focused on the seaweed fiber flame retardant, antibacterial, adsorption. Through the cooperation with Professor Zhu Ping, now we have completed the transformation of seaweed fiber function, developed a series of baby products apparel, conference today we officially launched new products, hope that all the leaders, guests and dealers across the country with pleasure Come, come with the result.
        Conference, Jiangxi Province, Ye Jingjing agents, agents in Liaoning Province Wang Zhonghui, Tianjin agents Shen Ying, and other provincial agencies were more than 10 and Qingdao Poly Group signed an agency agreement.
        Poly Pacific Group Chairman Wu Shipeng said in his speech: Conference, is a show, it is a beginning! Poly ocean pursuit is to be true! This kind of truthfulness is a close connection with the military and civilians and efforts to realize that the national brand is deeply rooted in the soil cultivated by military and civilian integration. It not only pursues economic benefits but also embodies the values ​​of social responsibility. Our poly-Ocean Group is now realizing the high-end upgrade from marine food to marine biomedicine and new materials and has set forth the development goals for the next step. Under the guidance of the spirit of the 19 National Congress and the strategic deployment of the "Belt and Road" by the state, Actively respond to the call of the provincial party committee put forward by the old and new kinetic energy conversion, closely around the development of "one theme, two strategies, three major tasks" of the new district, based on the seaweed industrial processing profession, strengthen the main processing industry, the development of marine biomedicine industry , Striving for world-class marine biomedical multinational corporations, to contribute to the development of the marine economy!