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    High-tech promotion! Industry-university research linkage! Poly-Ocean Group held Guanghua poetry Shandong Provincial Academy of

    Corporate News
    2017/12/29 10:59

    On the afternoon of December 8, the Guanghui Poetry Shandong Provincial Academician Workstation (Phase II) and Ocean Hi-Tech Achievements Conversion Project, jointly signed by the Ocean and Fisheries Bureau of Qingdao West Coast New Area and Qingdao Jumbo Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd., signed a contract with Junta Group Ceremony "held in the West Coast New Area. Director of Science and Technology Development Division of State Oceanic Administration Feng Lei, Director of Bureau of Oceanography and Fisheries Yu Chengpu, Chairman of Shanghai Maritime Association Wang Shulian, Director of People's Congress Standing Committee of West Coast New Area of ​​Qingdao Tong Haiyan Li Jinguo, Vice Mayor of West Coast New District of Qingdao, Xue Qingping, Director of Ocean High-tech Zone of West Coast New District of Qingdao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of National Marine Drug Engineering and Technology Research Center, Member of Subject Evaluation Group of Degree Committee of the State Council Guan Huishi, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Director Zhang Jianwei, researcher at Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yan Fengwen, Dean of School of Medicine, Ocean University of China Yu Guangli, Distinguished Professor of "Chutian Scholar" in Hubei Province, Professor Zhu Ping of Wuhan Textile University, Guo Wen, Dean of Shandong Institute of Marine Biology Leaders and distinguished guests as well as responsible comrades and entrepreneurs of relevant departments and units of the West Coast New Zone of Qingdao attended the ceremony and gathered senior and middle-ranking personnel from the Dayang Group to attend the ceremony. Wang Bo, director of the Marine and Fisheries Bureau of the West Coast New Zone of Qingdao, presided over the ceremony.

    Wang Bo, director of the Marine and Fisheries Bureau of the West Coast New Zone of Qingdao, presided over the ceremony

    Signing ceremony site
        At the ceremony, Wu Shipeng, chairman of PolyOne Group, first extended his warm welcome to all the leaders, experts and guests on behalf of the group company. Sincere thanks and extend my highest respect! The chairman of the board introduced the situation of the enterprise: Founded in August of 2000, Juanda Group was founded on the principle of "Survival by quality, innovation by impetus, science and technology, development from scratch" to "cross-border M & A" and " Program synthesis processing "and other five first, from the unknown to the" National Enterprise Technology Center "and" China Famous Brand "and other five Guo Zihao, from the establishment of academician Guan Huashi Shandong Academy of Sciences workstation to South Australia Flinders Sri Lanka University jointly build a joint laboratory, from the industrial level to the continuous realization of high-end marine food upgrades, is currently being realized to the marine biomedical conversion kinetic energy of the "triple jump", the overall strength of enterprises has leapt to the forefront of the industry in the world. Then highlight four contracted projects.
            Since its establishment three years ago, Shandong Polytechnic Institute, Shandong Provincial Academy of Sciences workstation, Guanghua academician stationed since the continuous promotion of enterprise restructuring and upgrading, leading scientific and technological innovation in the reform of traditional crafts, seaweed, deep processing, high value products to carry out A lot of work, and continuously improve the scientific and technological strength of the seaweed industry. Over the past three years, thanks to the cordial care and guidance of the academician of the University of Science and Technology, the achievement of higher and greater breakthroughs in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements has been achieved and the industrialization of results in the ocean has been boosted. Academician workstation two signed, will complete the prescription drugs for alginic acid production and application of technology, medicinal grade fucoidan industrialization, pharmaceutical grade carrageenan industrial application.
            Medicinal capsule invention patent project is the patented technology of plant capsules introduced from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Poly-Ocean Group has independent intellectual property rights. Poly-Ocean Group takes advantage of its own marine industry advantages, especially the carrageenan extracted from red algae, Capsule one of the initial raw materials, product indicators in the same industry-leading. Plant capsule project is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Pacific Ocean Group's clean production project, but also the Dayang Group to the marine biomedical transformation and upgrading of one of the important projects.
            The medicinal carrageenan project is an important major project of independent innovation of Huangdao District of Qingdao City which cooperated with the School of Pharmacy of Ocean University of China. It has completed the research of extraction and separation laboratory technology and has a good working foundation in the aspects of extraction, separation and activity evaluation. After obtaining the technology of extraction and separation and its industrialization, a production line with an annual output of 2,000 tons of carrageenan is being formed.
            Seaweed fiber new material project is my company to introduce Professor Zhu Ping Wuhan Textile University's scientific and technological achievements. Professor Zhu Ping has been hired as the top talent in the west coast of Qingdao. Zhu Ping team began to study the morphological structure, supramolecular structure, mechanical properties, hygroscopicity, dyeing, flame retardancy, antibacterial and spinnability of seaweed fiber from 2004 , Through the poly-ocean group of sodium alginate as raw material to produce pollution-free high-quality seaweed fiber, the application of a very broad.
            Finally, the chairman said: The signing of this contract is a concentrated demonstration of the fruits of the cooperation in production, teaching and research of our company for many years. It is the crystallization of the academician and experts and professors who care and support the high-end development of marine enterprises. This will undoubtedly promote the adoption of the " High-tech achievements into industrialization, to achieve explosive growth in business performance!
    Poly Pacific Group Chairman Wu Shipeng address
    Mr. Yu Guangli, Dean of the School of Medicine, Ocean University of China, talked about the cooperation with Jumbo Group for three years and made some initial achievements in the deep processing of alginate. In particular, the new production line of carrageenan has been put into operation. In the basic food ingredients, especially in the medical raw materials to contribute, the next step and the cooperation of the polygamy complement each other. The president said that through cooperation with PolyOcean, we must do something for the country with academician workstations, do something for the enterprise, and do something for everyone's health.
    Mr. Yu Guangli, Dean of School of Medicine, Ocean University of China
    During the ceremony, Li Jinguo, Vice Mayor's speech, represented the New District Work Committee and the CMC on behalf of the work station and the project. He warmly congratulated the signing of the project and expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the experts and leaders. In the three years since the establishment of the new zone, the theme of marine economic development has been highlighted. The strategy of giving priority to the development of talents has been adhered to, and the action of talent pooling has been vigorously implemented. Academician Guan Huashi is a well-known scientist in China, a pioneer and academic leader of marine pharmacology in China, and made outstanding contributions to the development of marine industry in our country. It has led to the rise and development of marine medicine research in our country and gained huge economic benefits Benefit and social benefit. Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ocean University of China, Wuhan Textile University are the top scientific research institutions and famous universities in our country. Poly-Ocean Group follows closely the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the national marine strategy, accelerates the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and gradually becomes a world-renowned marine biomedicine enterprise, making outstanding contributions to the economic development of the New Area.
        In his speech, Vice Mayor Li Jinguo pointed out: Well-known scientists and famous universities and research institutes have accumulated a contract with a single enterprise. This is rare in the new district and fully reflects the transformation level of the state's scientific and technological achievements in the new district. It fully illustrates the cooperation between industry, Depth, breadth and intensity. With the guidance of science and technology of academicians under the management of the tube, there is such a good transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It is believed that the Poly-Ocean Group will speed up the conversion of old and new kinetic energy of enterprises, speed up the construction of a new marine biopharmaceutical park, accelerate the listing of enterprises and make new contributions to the development of the new district!
    Li Jinguo, Vice Mayor of Qingdao West Coast New Area, delivered a speech
    Under the joint witness of Cui Fengyou, deputy director Cui Feng, director Feng Lei, director Yu Chengpu, director Tong Haiyan, deputy director Li Jinguo and director Xue Qingping, the ceremony held four projects signing ceremony. The four projects include: academician workstation (Phase II), pharmaceutical capsule invention patent project, medicinal carrageenan project, seaweed fiber new materials project.
    Academician Workstation (Phase II) Signing: Mr. Guan Huashi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mr. Wu Shipeng, Chairman of Polyaturian Algae Industry Group
    Signature contract of invention patent for medicinal capsule: Mr. Zhang Jianwei, Director of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Mr. Wu Shipeng, Chairman of Juye Group, signed the contract
    Medical Carrageenan Project Signing: Mr. Wu Shipeng, Dean of Yu Guangli, School of Pharmacy, Ocean University of China, and Chairman of Juyang Juye Group
    Wu Shipeng, chairman of the signing ceremony speech said: signing is a kind of power; ceremony, is a beginning! Poly ocean pursuit is to be true! In the next step, the development goal of Poly-Ocean is to follow the strategy of the "One Belt and One Road" guided by the 19th National Congress of the CPC and respond positively to the call of the provincial party committee for the transfer of old and new kinetic energy. We will focus on the "one theme and two strategies , Three major tasks, "the development of positioning, based on the seaweed industrial processing professionals, and strengthen the main processing industry, the development of marine biomedicine industry, striving for a world-class marine biomedical multinational corporations, three years to achieve the motherboard listed as soon as possible to achieve sales of billions Goal, make more contributions to the development of marine economy!