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    QINGDAO GATHER GREAT OCEAN ALGAE INDUSTRY GROUP CO.,LTD to introduce strategic investment signing ceremony was held in Qingdao West Coast New Area

    Corporate News
    2017/12/29 17:06

    Strategic cooperation boost listed to achieve win-win situation

    Qingdao polygalactic industry group to introduce strategic investment signing ceremony was held in Qingdao West Coast New Area

    On December 1, the signing ceremony for the introduction of strategic investment of Qingdao Jumbo Algae Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Junta Group" and "My Company") was held ceremoniously in our company. More than 70 leaders, guests and friends from all walks of life in Qingdao City and West Coast New Area were invited to attend the signing ceremony. Among them, the main leaders and guests attending the signing ceremony were Chairman of Qingdao West Coast New District Political Consultative Conference Yu Dongming, Executive Director of China Everbright Bank Limited Yin Lianchen, Deputy Director of Qingdao Economic Commission Wang Wei, Committee Member of Qingdao West Coast New Zone Committee Executive Vice Mayor Xie Hongjin, China Everbright Holdings (Qingdao) Investment Co., Ltd. Du Xiaotang, Chief Investment Officer Gai Wenjie, Director of Qingdao Economic Commission Wang Shiyun, Investment Manager of Qingdao SME Service Center Blue Star, Qingdao Port Fund Management Limited Cai Tingkun, manager of the company, president of Qingdao Private Enterprises Association and chairman of Qingdao Ruiyuan Group Yu Ruisheng. The signing ceremony was hosted by Yin Liangang, party secretary of Binhai Street, West Coast New Zone, Qingdao.
    Mr. Yin Lianchen, Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer, China Everbright Limited. Everbright Holdings was established in Hong Kong in 1997 and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It is a leading cross-border investment and asset management company in China. As of the end of June 2017, Everbright held a total of 38 funds to complete the fund-raising of HK $ 106.6 billion. China Everbright Group, a parent company, is a very large state-owned enterprise initiated by the Ministry of Finance and Huijin. It is a newly established state-owned enterprise that runs across financial and industrial sectors, both domestic and overseas. It covers banks, securities, insurance, funds, trusts, futures, leasing, investment and environmental protection Industry and other large financial holding group.
    Everbright has opted for cooperation with PolyOne because the development of the blue -wash economy in the west coast of Qingdao is very bright. The PolyOne Group is located on the west coast of Qingdao and is a leader in developing blue economy.
    Poly Pacific Group Chairman Wu Shipeng introduction of business conditions. Poly ocean Group was established in August 2000, seventeen years, the quality of enterprises survive, innovation-driven, science and technology to promote development, from "scratch" to "cross-border M & A", "Seaweed comprehensive program of comprehensive processing" five The first in the industry, from the little-known small business to the "State Enterprise Technology Center" and "China Famous Brand" and other five Guo Zihao, from the establishment of academician Guan Huashi Shandong Academy of Sciences workstation to Flinders University in South Australia To build a joint laboratory, from the industrial level to the continuous realization of high-end food and marine biomedical "triple jump", the overall strength of enterprises has leapt to the forefront of the industry in the world.
     At the same time, Group Chairman Wu Shipeng also expressed thanks to Everbright Holdings! He said: We gathered Dayang Group five years ago and Everbright Holdings have a working contact, the exchange process, Everbright Holdings "focus Zhi Zhiyuan, homeopathic" business philosophy, "surgery expertise, talent," a strong team, "comply with Trend, global strategy "era pattern," impregnable, investment industry "to serve the country feelings, inspired the process of our venture. Everbright holding five years of follow-up inspection, the depth of exchange for nearly a year, and now has its own way, the investment in light-controlled smart fund is a stage of cooperation and exchange of crystallization, we moved Everbright holding team in good faith! We thank Everbright Holdings for leading! We have a deep feeling of Everbright Holdings Poly Pacific Ocean's analysis and forward-looking vision.
    Qingdao West Coast New District Committee member, standing deputy mayor Xie Hongjin speech. First of all, he expressed his warm congratulation on the strategic cooperation between PolyUnion Group and Everbright Holdings. In recognition of its contribution to the development of the New Area, in recent years, the Group has responded positively to the strategy of strengthening its maritime power by closely following the pace of the "One Belt and One Road", speeding up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, transnational engagements and acquisitions, the global market selling products Take the high-end, in the vibrant West Coast New Area, out of a broad road, and gradually become a world-renowned marine biomedical enterprises, economic and social development of the New District has made outstanding contributions to the cause.
    China Everbright Holdings Fund for Investing in the Dayang Group, which fully demonstrates that the state's large-scale investment institutions attach importance to strategic emerging industries and reflects the support for the complementary and powerful cooperation in the western coast marine industry. At the same time, it also injected new vitality into the poly-Ocean Group, which will surely speed up the process of listing of the enterprises and achieve a win-win situation in the cooperation. He said: The management committee of the New District Work Committee will, as always, encourage and support various types of enterprises, including the Poly-Ocean Group, to seek greater development and sincerely treat everyone as their waiter. At the same time, he expressed hope for Poly-Ocean. He expressed the hope that Poly-Ocean Group will earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with its investment in Everbright, conscientiously arm the mind with the spirit of the 19 National Congress, guide practice and speed up the construction of a new marine biomedical park, taking the lead in science development of.
    Chairman Wu Shipeng and China Everbright Holdings Limited Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer Yin Lianchen signed the "Investment Agreement", Yu Dongming, Wang Wei, deputy director, executive vice president Xie Hongjin, Du Xiaotang, director Gewen Jie , President Ruisheng Wang, Director Wang Shuyun, Manager Cai Tingkun and Manager Lan Gongxing took the stage to witness the signing.
    After the signing ceremony, all leaders and guests visited the poly-ocean group marine biomedicine park.
    New opportunities have brought new opportunities, new cooperation marks a new glory! With the injection of light control intellectual funds, poly-Ocean Group will be even more powerful! The next step Group Corporation's development goal is to guide the spirit of the 19 National Congress, closely follow the country's "One Belt and One Road" strategic plan, and actively respond to the call of the provincial party committee proposed the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, focus on the new district, "a theme, two strategies, Three major tasks, "the development of positioning, and strive to practice the New District Working Committee, the main leadership of the district proposed the development of the private economy of the top ten development concepts, based on the algae industry processing professionals, and strengthen the main processing industry, the development of marine biomedicine industry, striving World-class marine biomedical multinational corporations, listed on the Main Board within three years, to contribute to the development of the marine economy, benefit the people of New District!